Success Stories

  • Sarah
    Miss California 2012 contestant Sarah trained with Lift for 3 months to getready for the miss California event. "Steve helped me out with losing weight and eating healthy. All the hard work payed off, thanks Steve!"
    Katie was with LIFT for 4 months before she had to go back to Hawaii. She wanted to lose weight to surprise her husband when she got back and in those 4 months Katie lost 45lbs and gained 8lbs of muscle!!! Way to Go Katie!
    Laura started her weight loss program in Dec 07'. Since then she has lost about 50lbs. She started simple with just a cardio program on her own time. Then when she was ready, she started her toning program which made all the difference. "Steve made the program very convenient. It worked around my schedule and was very realistic. It got me to my goal."
  • Maria
    Maria started training in October 07', and since then she has lost about 40lbs. She has also put on about 15lbs of muscle. She is now in a size 5 which she has never been in her life. Her next goal is to make it to 14% body fat. "What can I say, all the hard work paid off"
    Manuel is an EMT who lost 55lbs so far in just 4 1/2 months. He started out at 225 and is now 170lbs. Creative workouts and and a specific meal plan were the two key factors in his success. "Thanks Steve! I feel the best I've ever felt"
    Natalie started training with one goal in mind, lose weight! Since she started her program she has lost close to 90lbs. She is very determined to keep on her workout schedule and lean out even more. "Go Steve!! You're the best! You always kick my butt in the studio and I couldn't do it without you"
  • Bryan
    Bryan started his program to get fit for his job, firefighting! He came in at 239lbs, and is now 190lbs. He trains very hard, for example he can go through some killer MMA circuits that are for professionals and walk out feeling great. He is now very well rounded in most aspects of the fitness game (balance, plyo, bodybuilding etc) . He plans to reach his goal of 185 by jan 2011. "thanks for all the help steve, the workouts are awesome! I really enjoy the variety of training methods used, and steve accommodates my schedule which l like."
    Moses start his training program at 209lbs. He was working out hard and lost about 15lbs in a couple months. When he got engaged and his wedding was only 5 months away he really got serious. He lost 40 lbs for his wedding and got down to 160lbs. He looked and felt great for the big day and is still continuing to keep the weight off. " Steve, thanks for the motivation and great workouts to get me in the best shape of my life"
    Dora started her training at SBFit about 6 months ago in July 2010. Since then she has gone down 6 dress sizes and most importantly she is healthy at age 72! She's squatting 15lb dumbbells in the picture above and can also curl them 20 times!. She has worked very hard to get to where she is now and she says its all worth it. No matter what age you are, eating healthy and exercising will improve your life.
  • Vivian
    I couldn't have achieved my fitness goals without Steve. He creates a friendly atmosphere, but at the same time, maintains a degree of professionalism. Working towards my goal was definitely not easy, but it would have been so much harder without Steve's guidance and expertise. Thank you for helping me achieve my swimsuit-ready body!
    Wendy starting training with LIFT 3 years ago... In the first year with hard work and a guided meal plan she lost over 100lbs !!!! Consistency is key ..
  • At LIFT you won't find hundreds of machines, tons of people or even a treadmill. At LIFT we keep our studios private and by appointment only, keeping the feel of the studio intimate and exclusive. We set up our studios to have everything at your disposal so it makes for a more direct and higher performance workout. If youíve never had a personal trainer before or trained at a private studio, its time to set up a free consult at LIFT and check us out.
  • All of our personal trainers are nationally certified and have experience. We have the next stage of personal trainers, trainers who move up from big gyms and take their education to the next level. Trainers who make personal training their career and passion instead of a job.
    Louie Cruz
    I've been working out my whole life. I started at a young age playing sports. I have always been active whether playing baseball, soccer, football...
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    Jessica Gamez
    Hi, my name is Jessica Gamez. Throughout my life, I have participated in sports and have enjoyed doing anything that kept me physically fit. My passion for...
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    Nicole James
    Hi, my name is Nicole James and I have been involved with sports and an active lifestyle since a very young age. I have played soccer, basketball and volleyball...
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    Kenta Seki
    I've been working in the fitness industry for almost 10 years now. I teach a variety of fitness classes and have trained thousands of clients. I also model for...
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    My name is Kyle Smith and fitness is my life. I enjoy every aspect of the fitness industry from training to supplementation and nutrition....
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  • All of our personal trainers are nationally certified and have experience. We have the next stage of personal trainers, trainers who move up from big gyms and take their education to the next level. Trainers who make personal training their career and passion instead of a job.
    Keith holds 3 professional personal training certifications NCCPT, APEX, and NHCA. In addition to being certified as a...
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    Chris is a personal trainer that specializes in weight loss and circuit training .... He's been a trainer at Lift for over a year now...
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    Q is the fitness manager and lead trainer at Lift Pasadena .. He specializes in sports science and sports specific training...
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    Lauren Saracione is a personal trainer and pilates teacher with 11 years experience in the areas of strength training...
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    Virgil Lopez is a former division 1 collegiate wrestler and JC mens basketball player...
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  • Stephen (LIFT Owner and Trainer)

    Hi, my name is Stephen Bratakos. I've been in the fitness industry for about 9 years now. What I have learned throughout my years of experience is that the most important thing is to make every workout count. This is why I started LIFT, a company that will guide people to success. I strive for the success of my clients and by making every workout count I ensure not only short term fitness goals but long term healthy lifestyles. FITNESS IS MY LIFE.

    I have been working out consistently for about 10 years. I've been through bodybuilding, circuit training, martial arts training (13 years), and rehab routines. I got into training very early, because I thought I had a knack for helping people reaching their goals, seeing as how I am very goal oriented. I've worked at 24 hour fitness, Equinox, and a couple other private gyms. I got into this industry because I feel that anyone who has the right mind set can achieve anything. I've trained people who have never touched a weight in their life and turned them into a trainer themselves. I don't believe in people spending a fortune on training, I believe everyone should be able to have a trainer at one point, and I believe LIFT has programs for everyone. I can help anyone seeking guidance in the fitness world, but it starts with you. This is my passion; you can make it yours too.
  • All of our personal trainers are nationally certified and have experience. We have the next stage of personal trainers, trainers who move up from big gyms and take their education to the next level. Trainers who make personal training their career and passion instead of a job.
    Kevin Bansley (Manager)
    My name is Kevin Bansley and I have been personal training for 5 years. In 2011, I received my Bachelorís degree in Kinesiology from...
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  • Get off the treadmill and try some different things to get your heartrate up while giving your body a full resistance workout. Ropes, sled, boxing, med ball throws on wall

  • Fitness has been changing for the past 50 years, but we all know that diet and exercise is the key to a healthy lifestyle. But what is healthy anymore? Numerous magazines, TV shows and doctors telling us what to do but yet health problems increase yearly with more new problems popping up each year. Along with food industries pushing so many different ideas of what's healthy into our lives, who knows whats good and bad anymore? LIFT does! We teach you how to reach any goal you have and then show you how to maintain it. Making fitness part of your everyday life is the ultimate goal. For example taking the stairs, saying no to the cake at work, or working out an extra 30 min on Sunday because you're bored. How long should you exercise for? How many calories should you eat a day? Protein? Whats the best way to rehab my knee or back? These are just a few questions many people ask themselves and we have the answers and guidance for you. At LIFT we believe back to the basics is a good way of summing up our system for fitness. Our bodies were never designed to be on a treadmill or static chest press machine to see the results most of us want. We were meant to move !!! And with that we've designed our studios to have the equipment and layout that best suits the future of fitness.
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