Success Stories

  • Lifetime Innovative Fitness Training offers personal training for personal goals. Were bringing personal training to everyone, and we believe that consistency is key so we’ve structured our training programs to fit any budget. We find time to create some of the most unique and inspiring workouts for each and every client. We offer a wide variety of training techniques, which range from Kettle bell training, sports specific training to intense MMA circuit training all the way to rehabilitation training.

    At LIFT our goal is to help you achieve your fitness goals and then maintain them. Were not a quick fix fitness center like others out there that can only bring you the quick alternative and then its gone a year later. Here we not only give you the best possible workout advice and workouts we teach you how to live and eat healthy as well. Everyone should have personal training at one point in his or her life and starting with LIFT is starting the right way. Whatever your fitness goals are we can help you achieve them. We are the future of personal training.
  • LIFT offers some of the most unique workouts, tailoring the specific individuals needs. We offer many different services, but personal training is our specialty. Why a personal trainer? For some, we just need an extra push. For many, we need guidance and structure and for most, we need someone to hold us accountable. Any of these reasons can be stopping you from achieving your fitness goals. Whether it's to better your health, improve flexibility or loose weight, we can help by giving you a specific program to fit your lifestyle and nutrition needs.

    Training sessions as low as $40*
    (price subject to LIFT location)
  • One on one personal training is a private one hour session with a nationally certified trainer. Our trainers go through rigorous training to make sure they are the best at what they do. You will get nutritional guidance, supplement advice, a cardio program, and of course a resistance program tailored to your goals. We give you all aspects of fitness to make sure you get to your goal.

    Personal Training sessions as low as $40*
    (price subject to LIFT location)
  • Semi Private Training is a one hour session with you and a partner or partners. Sometimes training with a partner can produce a better workout. This is one of the most popular forms of training today because it gives you that feeling of support from others, its cost effective and its flexible with time slots.

    Training sessions as low as $25*
    (price subject to LIFT location)
  • Go one on one with 10 years of experience, get a great workout and at the same time learn how to kick box. This is a great way to keep your workouts inspiring and fun while mixing up your routine. It's great for toning the upper body, while burning a ton of calories. Come for a consultation, you won't be disappointed.
  • One of the fastest growing sports today and one of the most popular. Ever think about what those athletes do to get fit and have the bodies they have. Well we can show you and give you a unique and intense workout that you wont find in a gym. Burn 1000 calories in a single workout and workout muscles in your body you didn’t know existed. Class times – sat 11am-12pm… Pasadena LIFT $20 class fee , first 6 members to reserve a spot.
  • Eating healthy with today’s lifestyles can be tricky. At LIFT we try and teach people what to eat and why. Anyone can tell you something is healthy but you need to know why and how. At LIFT, we have done the work for you and pass our knowledge onto you. With today’s food industries and the media making all our decisions for us we have to out smart them and eat the way our bodies were designed to. It just takes planning ahead and committing to making healthy food a part of your daily life. We also design a meal plan around your daily schedule to help you stay on track because eating healthy is a lifetime goal.

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  • We want to be one of the first training studios to offer cooking classes based on the nutritional information we provide to show our clients that is it possible to cook for the whole family too. Cooking classes will be offered the first and third Saturday of every month at the Derby in Arcadia.