Success Stories

  • Every time you set foot in a gym or on a field you should give it your best effort whether itís a bad or good day. Making every rep or sprint count is a key to success. A boxer once said ďive become this great not because practice makes perfect , but because perfect practice makes perfect.Ē So next time your training or working out remember to give it your all each time, make it count!!
  • Try out a link below and get an estimate on how many calories you burn a day
  • Men
    Pushups superset with dips on a table or chair - 4 rounds of 25 reps
    Squat jumps in place superset with alternating lunges - 4 rounds 25 reps
    Full sit ups superset with leg lifts and plank (60sec hold) - 3 rounds of 30 reps
    Diamond pushups superset with curls - 4 rounds 20 reps
    Side raises and front raises superset with on the wall close grip tricep pushups - 4 rounds 15 reps (10-15 dumbbells needed)

    Alternating lunges, wide squats, jumping squats and calve raises - 4 rounds of 30 reps.
    Reach for your toes crunches, leg lifts, bicycles, and plank (45sec) - 3 rounds of 30 reps
    Dips, pushups on knees, shoulder press, curls - 4 rounds of 20 reps (5-10 lb dumbbells required)

    Key factors
    15-30 sec break in-between sets
    water as needed